Rising Strong™ in Church Leadership - February


Rising Strong™ in Church Leadership - February


Thursday, Feb. 23rd 9:00-5:00 PM

Friday, Feb. 24th 9:00am - 5:00 PM

Go deeper into the unique connections of serving as a church leader during ever-changing times and landscapes and Dr. Brené Brown’s newest research on resilience. We all make mistakes, have struggles and failures.  What does it takes to get back up when we fall? We will explore how these are critical moments in church leadership and how the stories we create about them influence not only our self-understanding as leaders in the church but also our actions and behaviors. Are we stuck in ways of thinking that don’t serve the Body of Christ or us in life-giving ways? Through short lectures, self-exploration, and small group discussion we will learn new patterns of critical awareness and practices that will empower pastors, deacons, support staff and congregational leaders to write a ‘brave new ending’. There will be opportunities to explore how faith, Scripture, and theology connect.

 Based on the groundbreaking work of Dr. Brené Brown found in her Rising Strong™ curriculum, this time will empower you to experience:

  • Greater clarity around areas of personal growth related to authentic life and leadership
  • The power of turning to curiosity 
  • Critical awareness to patterns of behavior that distance us from others, ourselves, and God 
  • Increased resilience in the face of many inner and outer challenges of leadership
  • Learning and practicing healthy strategies to use when we feel exposed 
  • Daily practices to cultivate living and loving with our whole hearts

Location:  St. Stephen Lutheran Church, 8400 France Ave. South, Bloomington, MN  55431.  Conveniently located 1/2 mile south of Interstate 494.  

Cost:  $285 and includes the Rising Strong workbook and catered lunches for Thursday and Friday.  

Facilitator:  Rev. Sarah Ciavarri, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Consultant

Space is limited.  

Questions?  Please email Sarah at sarah.wholeheartedliving@gmail.com or call (952) 210-7252.

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