Both Daring Way™ and Rising Strong are training programs developed through the research of Ted Talk favorite and best selling author, Dr. Brené Brown and facilitated be certified trainers.  

                                      Sarah has served as a Certified Facilitator since 2012.                                            

By taking part in a Daring Way™ for Faith Communities or Rising Strong™ in Christ event, faith community members will experience:

  1. Greater clarity around areas of personal growth related to authentic life and leadership

  2. Increased resilience in the face of many inner and outer challenges of leadership

  3. Learning and practicing healthy strategies to use when in debilitating shame

  4. Honed critical awareness to cultural myths around vulnerability and how these limit connecting with self, God, and others

  5. Revitalized connection of “soul and role”

  6. Tools for cultivating daily practices of living and loving with our whole hearts

Presentations:  Be introduced to Dr. Brené Brown’s transformation research and its connections to leadership.  Have fun, laugh, and learn about yourself and your team.  

Workshops:  Spend up to 8 hours learning how resiliency, authenticity, and vulnerability help us practice courage and grow in being 'all in.'  Leave with practices to startright now.   Sample Schedule

Retreats:  Grow with your team in connection, courage, and innovation using the research of Dr. Brené Brown. We will work with your organization to create a retreat that is customized to support your targeted goals and to re-invigorate those who attend.

Intensive:  This is all of the above and more. In the 2 day small group 'deep dive' we dig in to the stories that are holding us back, the practices we can cultivate to bring lasting transformation, and spark the team to dar greatly together and be stronger after a setback,   Sample Schedule

Look at the Events page to see what fits for you or we will create an event for your group.

The information, the work and your words have resonated with me and have already started to become part of the vernacular that I use when I’m talking to myself. Just this morning as I was getting ready for work I felt myself “armor up” for the day and realized that I’d probably done that hundreds of times before and never had the words to identify the action. You’re doing great work, keep it up!
— Rebecca G., Easter Lutheran Church, Eagan, MN