Sarah Ciavarri

Sarah Ciavarri has loved watching things grow ever since she was a little girl chasing after  her dad on the family farm.  Back then it was piglets, sunflowers and wheat, now it is audacious dreams, leaders, and teams. 

Sarah, founder of This Wholehearted Life, LLC, is a gifted speaker able to quickly connect with audiences large and small and travels the country inspiring participants to be courageous, resilient, and authentic.  Sarah is a Certified Facilitator of all of Dr. Brene Brown’s curricula:  Dare to Lead, Daring Greatly, Bold, and The Gifts of Imperfection.  In addition, Sarah has the honor to serve as a Daring Way Case Consultant assisting candidates in their final steps to Daring Greatly certification.  Sarah has facilitated over 200 workshops on Dr. Brown’s research and has supported thousands of leaders to develop a courage practice. 


Sarah is a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and is a faculty member with Coaching4Today’s Leaders.  In this role, Sarah is able to coach your entire team in becoming certified coaches themselves, thus building a team and culture of inquiry, positive intent, and listening to understand. 

Sarah brings over twenty years serving as a care center chaplain and Director of Spiritual Care.  She holds a Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN where she was a Presidential Scholar and 1600 hours of post-graduate training in Clinical Pastoral Education.  While at first glance, one may wonder what the connection is to keynoting and facilitating, these years of listening to elders share their stories of both resiliency and regret and helping families navigate with authenticity and integrity difficult choices for care, have given Sarah insight into what really matters in life, how to have a productive conversation, and strategies to move mission forward for best outcomes. 

Whether working with a team of leaders, or keynoting at a large assembly Sarah’s warmth, insights, and ability to dance in the moment allow her to connect and move people from being stuck in the question of “what now?” to possibility, growth, and the question, “What if?”



  • pastors/church leaders and seminarians

  • those who carry wounds because of church

  • those interested in connecting soul and role

  • those in life transitions due to health changes

Some of the biggest things to know about Sarah -

  • She loves being part of the 'a-ha' moments in the lives of those she serves and seeing the Holy Spirit bring healing

  • She believes if you can change your patterns you can change your life . . . and your legacy

  • Helping church leaders heal and reclaim vitality in ministry is one of Sarah's biggest joys

  • She is on this wholehearted journey too

Sarah is a songwriter exploring the themes of connection, the soul, and being enough.  The song shared below reveals some of shame’s messages.  There is power in knowledge; simply by recognizing shame's MO, we can lessen shame’s grip on our lives.  

Shame can be a HEAVY subject but this presentation was delivered with a positive attitude and humor! What a joyful and wonderful work, Sarah. You’ve given us new air to breath!”
— Workshop participant