Cultivate Courage with

Dr. Brené Brown's Research 

Rev. Sarah Ciavarri

Ordained ELCA Lutheran Pastor

Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation

Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator-Consultant since 2012

  • Integrating Brown's research with faith in Christ and leadership in the church

  • Facilitated over 120 Daring Way™/Rising Strong™ events in congregations, synods, and seminaries

  • Led over 120 rostered leaders through the 'deep dive' intensives

More About Sarah

Wholehearted Living


Do you long to feel joy in your everyday life?

Do you ever feel like your insides don’t match your outsides?     

Do you feel you ‘should’ be happy and fulfilled and wonder why you are not?

You aren't alone.  We can live a joyful and centered life with more connection between soul and role, with our true authentic selves showing up even in uncertain situations and with more resiliency to smack down the shame messages that steal joy . . because this life is a gift, let's get on with fully living!  more › 


Daring Way™ for

Church Communities

Wholehearted Faith: Before wholehearted living was ever a body of research, it was the heart of God.   more › 

Dare to Lead™ for Faith Leaders: We have challenges and blessings that are unique to our call.  And balancing everything in ministry and beyond can at times feel overwhelming. more › 

Rising Strong in Faith: As a child of God we are gifted to serve and graced to live in love.  And we all know falls, brokenness, and struggle.   more ›