Wholehearted Women of Faith

Support the women in your congregation by taking time to remember that we don't have to be perfect . . .  even when the messages in our heads and in the culture may tell us otherwise.  We will focus on making the connections between Dr. Brené Brown’s research on living authentically as found in her 10 guideposts for ‘wholehearted living’ and faith.  Why does it matter to God if we cultivate laughter, song, and dance?  How does this become a fuller expression of God's grace in our lives?  Where does this connect for us biblically?  The research says that cultivating self-compassion helps us live more authentically - we will explore how this fulfills the 2nd Greatest Commandment to "love others as yourself."  There will be lots of laughter, connection and a-ha's.  

Daring Women of Faith  

Do you and the other women in your ministry want to show up - really show up in who God created and gifted you to be?  We will focus on clarifying our values as living in our baptisms, understanding vulnerability as courage, naming what arenas God is calling us into and what keeps us out, and how do we armor up to true connection.   Explore the practice of empathy and self-compassion as application of the 2nd Greatest Commandment.   Participants leave with daily practices. of permission  slips, naming their arenas, and their faith mantra.  Come ready to learn, laugh, and take the next step in daring to be 'all-in' in life.  

Rising Strong in Christ

If we show up in our lives often enough, we will fall and find ourselves hurting.  This retreat explores how our faith in Christ and Brené’s research and practices gives us the power to get back up and to write a brand new ending that helps us see how Christ works through our falls. . .  We will explore new ways of understanding II Cor. 12:8-10.  How are our thought patterns pulling us out of who we are in Christ?  We will explore how Jesus specializes in rising strong and what that means for those who follow Him.