Rising Strong™ is a 17 session curriculum digs deeper into the stories we create when we have falls, whether they are professional or personal.  Neurobiologically we are wired to create stories with a beginning, a middle, and an end and our brains reward us when we create an ending . . . even when the ending isn’t accurate or life-giving.

By developing the capacity to get curious, to reach out for support in sharing our stories, and to trust ourselves enough to rumble with new endings to well-worn patterns, we release the creative power within us to recognize the emotion we are feeling, to wrestle with the story behind it, and to integrate the whole of who we are - the messy, the struggling, the tenacious, the beautiful, the fully human and to rise believing ‘no matter what, I am worthy of love and belonging’ (quote from Brené). 

After over a decade of listening intently to elders and their family members, Sarah is excited about the prospects of Brené's newest research to empower us with new endings whether it is with a ministry team, business team, or in our own lives. Sarah works with teams and individuals to empower them to write an ending through next steps that is life-giving for them.  Sarah integrates her skills of deep listening, empathy, and non-judgment learned through her 1600 hours of Clinical Pastoral Education and her current coaching training to help leaders get curious about what is holding them back and what they need to move forward.  

Rising Strong™ can be a logistical next step following The Daring Way™ or it also can be the first step into this amazing research.