Why I run - and not just after my children!


I have run off and on since I was 5; when my little legs were too short to keep up with my 6’ tall father’s quick farmer’s gait.  So, because I adored my father, I’d trot along beside him across the farmyard. 

In high school track my coaches realized my gift wasn’t sprinting but I, like a plow horse, could just keep going; so I ran the long distances.

Which eventually led to running longer and longer distances in my 20’s and eventually a few marathons in my early 30’s. 

Now I’m a mom in my early 40’s with two active young children and a desire to preserve my knees so I’m switching to sprint triathlon’s!

But I run because when I do I feel strong;

            it is part of my own wholehearted journey

            my best thoughts come when I’m running;

            it centers me;

            it increases my capacity for uncertainty and daring

           I appreciate God's creation so much more when I'm slowly run through it!

            I know I’m better because of it; my thoughts are clearer, my love is bigger, and I’m so thankful that my body can still keep doing this. 

This is what running has been for me and what it continues to be.  It’s my thing.

What’s your thing?  What is your thing that makes you feel braver and stronger and like you’ve got this? 

I believe that part of our wholehearted lives is knowing what feeds our souls and what doesn’t.  For me, I would die a thousand deaths at a race car rally (and not just from the fumes) and I have friends who would only chose to run if they were being chased by a mama bear.

What’s your thing?  What is it for you that helps you, as Brené Brown says, “Show up, be seen, live brave™?”