Before wholehearted living was ever a body of research, it was the heart of God.  If you are looking for increased focus on practices to start today to be ‘all in’ with those you love, lead, or do life with, this experience will help you drill into what is holding you back and how to give yourself permission to cultivate more of what feeds your soul, for the sake of the world.

Based on Brené Brown’s popular book The Gifts of Imperfection, you will experience:

  • Clarity between fitting in and belonging
  • The power of permission slips to help us live with more joy
  • Learning and practicing strategies to let go of perfectionism, exhaustion, and numbing
  • Fellowship with kindred spirits
  • Connection to faith in Christ and God’s call to live wholeheartedly

In this one day event, we will learn with and from each other, create sacred ground where our stories are honored and where you can explore how faith, Scripture, and ministry connect for you and practice new skills to empower you to lead with increased joy, authenticity, and purpose.  If you’ve attended a Rising Strong or Daring Way™ event, this will contain new content and support what you’ve already explored.