Sarah was an invaluable guest lecturer in my class on Women in Ministry at Luther Seminary. Her presentation of Brown’s Daring Way™ material was exactly what the students needed to recognize the accessible and meaningful ways in which wholehearted living is essential for ministry. Sarah’s class session connected vulnerability, understanding shame and resiliency, authenticity, and joy to ministry, theology, and pastoral life. It is these kinds of connections that will equip pastors and persons in ministry to live, lead, and encourage vibrant and whole lives for the sake of the world God loves.

Karoline Lewis

Associate Professor of Biblical Preaching, Luther Seminary

Pastor Sarah Ciavarri was recommended to me by a mutual colleague as a potential facilitator for St. Luke Lutheran Church's Women's Retreat.

Pastor Sarah is passionate about the work of Brené Brown and is gifted at bringing scripture and faith into the conversation in an authentic way. During the retreat, Pastor Sarah created a safe comfortable environment within which she invited the women from our congregation to be truly present. She had a good balance of Brené Brownʼs materialand research, small group discussion, activities and worship experiences. It is evident that she put care and prayer into her preparation and into her time with us.    READ MORE

One of the attendees just mentioned that we are still basking in the afterglow of the retreat.  Indeed, Sarah, you were wonderful!  I appreciate your extraordinary care and beautiful marrying of the work of Brené Brown and Scripture.  It was all wonderful.          - Pastor Carol Sinykin, St. Ansgars Lutheran Church, Cannon Falls, MN


I highly recommend Pastor Sarah Ciavarri as a retreat facilitator, as a coach for a congregation or clergy who is looking to be more authentic in their call and as a colleague in ministry.

“Working with Sarah is one of the best things I’ve done for my personal and professional life. The weight of my work stress has typically manifested in unhealthy relationships with those I love the most. Sarah has helped me define tangible actions I can take each day to live authentically both at work (in the middle of conflict) and at home when processing my day. I am so much happier and relaxed and this is reflected in the much healthier relationships I have with my wife and kids.”

This is the first time I’ve heard anyone talk about how to move through shame and talk about it without judgment.

“Wow! I gained wonderful personal insights about my life and where shame has been present and the gifts of my vulnerability…”

Through my work with Sarah, I have been transformed. The work of sharing my shame with others so I no longer carry it alone has been redemptive. I am taught ways to listen to the negative voices in my head . . . and not letting them rule my life. I am able to enter arena’s with more confidence and empathy for myself and others. It had helped me die to my old way of shame talk taking the wheel, and gave me new life.

Our greatest commandment is to love God, and love our neighbors AS OURSELVES. I believe that the Daring Way™ has the tools to help us do just that; learn how to love ourselves in order to better love the community.