Rachel's Heart


I love this picture.  I’m pretty sure I always will.  The reason?  Because my friend’s heart was open to God to bless me.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  Loved by God through a friend.  Loved by a friend through God.  It all is connected.

    Here’s the story - the whole truth - I’m Psalm 15ing it here.  After filming our promotional video telling church leaders about our work bringing the Daring Way™ to Faith Communities, I was in a total vulnerability hangover - in this video I was putting myself out there - not under the radar but actively telling about the work I’m passionate about and why I’m passionate.  And not only did we record the video, the plan was to send it to people.  Real people.

    The thing hadn’t even been edited yet and I was playing out how mean-spirited attacks were coming my way.  I perseverated on how I should have said, “The resurrection of Jesus.”  Instead of “Easter.”  Saying “the resurrection of Jesus” would have made the video . . . better.  My thoughts went like this, “I should have been more specific . . . but Easter is a distinctively Christian word . . . but what’s the connection again, to ancient pagan holidays?” I could hear picky comments that I wasn’t Christian enough.  That this wasn’t Christian enough.  (By the way, these are things shame likes to say - not enough.  And whenever we are practicing being vulnerable shame will be lurking around.)

    What to do?!?  I read a devotional, prayed. . . and ate more chocolate chips . . . and found myself crying on the couch with my husband and kids giving me love . . . until our youngest asked if that was enough and he could go build a table.  

    And then there was a ding from my phone and this picture from my friend Rachel came through with the simple words, “Found this on the north shore…  Be strong and courageous dear friend!"

    Total gift; total blessing.  So I cried some more; more tears of gratitude for God’s presence and friends who proclaim Christ to me.  I emailed her telling about my vulnerability hangover.  She emailed back “It was a God thing. I walked over this so many times and today I saw it and something said Sarah needs this. We can do hard things.”     

    It was simple.  There’s the thing, in faith, God gives enough.  It may not seem like enough, but it always is.