Have Yourself a 'Good Enough' Christmas

Have Yourself a Good Enough Christmas

We are used to hearing and humming along to “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”  Some of us are perhaps ready to be done hearing it on the radio.  This year, in the midst of the holiday hustle and frenzy I’ve switched the words to “Have Yourself a Good Enough Christmas.”  

Good enough is perhaps what we say when we’ve run out of time and can’t work on something any longer; or we’ve given all we have to give and we have to trust that what we’ve produced will be sufficient.  There also is the connotation with ‘good enough’ that it could be better; but this will have to do.  Honestly, sometimes saying, “it’s good enough” can feel like falling short.  

So, my hope and my prayer is that you and I do have a ‘good enough’ Christmas, for a few reasons.  The first is regardless of what gets done or is left undone, if there are typos in the Candlelight Service bulletin, if you make cranberry sauce from scratch, or if your Christmas cards arrive in the New Year, God sends Immanuel and it is good.  Our work and efforts don't change what God has done.  God sends Jesus and it is so good. . .   And it is enough.  It already is a good enough Christmas because Christmas is God’s good and God’s enough.  God’s good is enough.  That’s the good news of a great joy (Luke 2:10).

Secondly, as I’ve practiced this Advent preparing a ‘good enough’ Christmas I’m trusting the Holy Spirit to work more, there is more centeredness and capacity to be present in the current moment.  Good enough allows me to let go of some of that perfection in order to receive more self-compassion. 

As I reflect on this year of supporting church leaders and congregations in growing deeper in faith through exploring how Brené Brown’s research connects to life in Christ, I’m so grateful for all those who have said yes! to being part of this journey.  We are better and more courageous together when we create safe space to share our stories and thus more equipped to serve and lead for God’s good in this hurting suffering world.  

We are doing good work together. . . and trusting God, it is enough.